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Article 1 – legal notices



Site (hereinafter « the site »): https://ovalie-innovation.com


Publisher (hereinafter « the publisher »):

OVALIE INNOVATION, a simplified joint-stock company with a capital of €50,000 listed in the Trade & Companies Register of Auch under number 501 199 368 having its head office at 2 rue Marguerite Duras Z.A.C. du Mouliot – 32000 Auch. Tel: +33 (05) 62 60 40 20 / +33 (0)5 58 05 43 42 – contact.ovalie@ovalie-innovation.com

Publication director: Thierry Véronèse

Webmaster: Maryline Cotentin



Design : Liliane et Companie

Developement : Agence Convergence




Host (hereinafter « the host »):

Téléphone : 05 56 38 58 38
Email : info@galilee.fr
Site internet : www.galilee.fr
Siège social : P.A. de la Gardette Rue Cantelaudette 33 310 Lormont



Management of the recruitment section: OVALIE INNOVATION, a simplified joint-stock company with a capital of €50,000 listed in the Trade & Companies Register of Auch under number 501 199 368 having its head office at 2 rue Marguerite Duras Z.A.C. du Mouliot – 32000 Auch. Tel: +33 (0)5 62 60 40 20 – contact.ovalie@ovalie-innovation.com


Article 2 – Site content

All trademarks, photographs, texts, comments, illustrations, animated or still images, video sequences, sounds and all computer applications that could be used to operate this site and more generally all the elements reproduced or used on the site are protected by the applicable laws in respect of intellectual property.

They are wholly owned by the publisher or the partners thereof. Any reproduction, representation, use or adaptation, in any form whatsoever, of all or part of these elements, including computer applications, without the prior written consent of the publisher, is strictly prohibited. The fact that the publisher does not initiate proceedings as soon as he becomes aware of this unauthorised use shall not constitute acceptance of such use nor shall it constitute a waiver of proceedings.


Article 3 – Site management

To ensure good site management, the publisher may at any time:

– suspend, interrupt or limit access to all or part of the site, reserve access to the site or certain parts thereof to a determined category of internet user;

– remove any information that may disrupt the running of the site or which infringes national or international laws or Netiquette rules.

– suspend the site to perform updates.




Article 4 – Liabilities

The publisher cannot be held liable in the event of an operational failure, fault, difficulty or interruption preventing access to the site of one of its features.

You are entirely responsible for the hardware that you use to connect to the site. You must take all appropriate measures to protect your hardware and your own data, particularly against virus attacks via the internet. You are also solely responsible for the data and sites that you visit.

The publisher cannot be held liable for legal proceedings initiated against you:

– due to the use of the site or any service accessible via the internet;

– due to your failure to comply with these terms and conditions.

The publisher is not responsible for any damage caused to you, third parties and/or your hardware due to your connection or your use of the site and you hereby waive any action against the publisher.

Should the publisher be subject to legal proceedings or arbitration due to your use of the site, the publisher may initiate claims against you to obtain compensation for any damages, sums, sentences and costs which may result from such proceedings.


Article 5 – Liability waiver


Under no circumstances can the information contained on OVALIE INNOVATION’s site, https://ovalie-innovation.com be considered the provision of services or advice from its authors or publishers. Furthermore, the information cannot be used as a substitute for a consultation with a professionally competent person.

OVALIE INNOVATION is bound only by a best endeavours obligation concerning the information that OVALIE INNOVATION makes available to the persons that access its web site.

Although we have made every effort to ensure the reliability of the information contained on this website, OVALIE INNOVATION may on no account be held responsible in case of errors, omissions or for the outcomes that may result from using this information. In particular, hypertext links on our site may lead users to information contained on other servers, over which OVALIE INNOVATION has no control.


Article 6 – Hypertext links

You are strictly forbidden from creating hypertext links to the site or any part thereof, without the publisher’s prior written permission, which can be requested by writing to the following address: Route de Saint-Sever – 40280 Haut-Mauco or 2 rue Marguerite Duras – Z.A.C. du Mouliot – 32000 Auch.

The publisher is free to refuse permission without having to justify the decision in any way. Should the publisher decide to grant permission, this is in any case granted only on a temporary basis and may be withdrawn at any time, with the publisher under no obligation to justify such withdrawal.

In any case, all links must be removed on request from the publisher.

The publisher does not control any information accessible via a link to other sites, and assumes no liability as to their content.


Article 7 – Data collection

The personal information that may be collected on the site will mainly be used by the publisher to manage its relationships with you, and for professional use only. This information will be saved in the publisher’s customer file and will be processed in accordance with our principles on the processing of personal data and in accordance with the legal provisions in force.

Under the provisions of law No. 78-17 of 6 January 1978, as amended, relating to information technology, files and freedoms, you have the right to access, query, modify and delete data that concerns you. You may exercise this right and obtain access to information that concerns you by sending an email to our data protection officer at the following address: adeline.laffargue@vivadour.com or by letter to VIVADOUR – Adeline LAFFARGUE – Rue de la Menoue – 32400 Riscle.

Any information which must be entered in order to be able to access specific features of the site will be indicated by the publisher during data entry.

Under the French data protection law (loi Informatique et Libertés) of 6 January 1978, we hereby inform you that the personal data collected from people via a contact form is intended for MAÏSADOUR and will not be disclosed to third parties.

If, when browsing the site, you access personal data, you must refrain from any non-authorised use or collection of such data and abstain from any act that may constitute an invasion of privacy or which may damage the reputation of any individual. The publisher accepts no liability in this respect.


Article 8 – Cookies

Any indirectly collected information will be used solely to track the volume, type and configuration of traffic using the site, to develop the design and layout of the site, for other administrative and planning purposes, and more generally to improve the services that we offer.


Article 9 – Applicable law

These terms and conditions of use of the site are governed by French law and fall within the jurisdiction of the courts of Auch, subject to a specific assignment of other jurisdiction from a particular legal or regulatory text.


Article 10 – Contact us

For any questions concerning the information displayed on the site, or the site itself, send a message to the following address: contact.ovalie@ovalie-innovation.com