Winner at the 2015 cooperative initiative competition

This project won the Gold Prize at the 2015 Cooperative Initiative Trophy awards in the « Environmental Protection » category, a fine reward for two years of research on an ecological programme to combat mealworm. As a result of this research programme, the ecological trap TeneCapt was developed, in partnership with AB7 Industries, a company based near Toulouse. This trap provides an alternative to chemical treatments in the fight against the harmful mealworm.

Objectives: Chicken breeders are often faced with a mealworm invasion in their livestock buildings. This insect poses multiple threats, such as damaging insulation material and carrying diseases. Thanks to the TENECAPT project, an ecological solution has been developed to limit these infestations and consequently reduce the use of chemical treatments. It has been on sale to breeders since May 2015.

Group representative(s): Ovalie Innovation, Animal Production of Vivadour and Maïsadour

Corporate partner(s): AB-7 Industries

Project duration: 2012 to 2014


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